Hostel Management Committee

S. No.
Member Name
Contact No.
Mr. D. K Gupta (Chief Proctor)
+91 7055430430
Mr. Vineet Sharma (Addition Chief Proctor)
+91 9910840919
Mr. Anjali Chaudhary (Addition Chief Proctor)
+91 7983505538
Ms. Kamakshi Verma (Proctor)
+91 8273795914
Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta (Proctor)
+91 8604605160

Address: Meerut-Kernal Highway,  Village-Sarora,  District- Baghpat

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Herbal and Medicinal Garden

The college has a medicinal herbal garden with approximately 100 kinds of medicinal herbs and plants. The medicinal herbal garden also works as a natural green zone on campus and plants have medicinal and aromatic properties. This helps the students to see and learn about the plants in their natural habitat. This provides plants material for conducting the practical’s and researches of students